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The Truth about the Celery Juice Craze and Other Diets

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December 19, 2018
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The Truth about the Celery Juice Craze and Other Diets

Hi my friends, I hope you are having a most awesome day!

I just had the BEST chat with Abby Langer, a Toronto-based registered dietitian, and it was freakin awesome!

Firstly, Abby is so FUNNY! Several times during the podcast I belly laughed.  And, she cusses, which that makes me laugh too!

Secondly, she calls out the bulls**t.  Like straight up in her blogs, on her social media, in the national news organization and on our podcast. She has no problem calling out the charlatans and dares us to look at the truth. #truthteller

Thirdly, she is a mythbuster. She talks all the latest crazes (yep, we talk about the celery juice craze), fad diets and bogus claims and not only tells us why they are wrong but shares the science to confirm it.

Here are a few of the myths we chat about:

- You must take multivitamins (nope, waste of money)

- Detoxing your liver is a must (again, nope, your liver detoxes itself)

- Why thin is NOT healthy (it is actually a big, fat lie)

We also talk about how doctors are not always the best resource for nutrition, how GMO’s do NOT cause cancer and why I should move to Canada (forreals).

If you have any time, I would LOVE for you to listen to Abby. I am so excited to share her knowledge, education, and her sense of humor with you. She is amazeballs!

One more thing, please continue to send me your ideas, comments and suggestion (Abby Langer was one of them!). YOU are why I do what I do.  

Love you,  

PS If you want follow Abby on social:  
Instagram: @langernutrition  
Twitter @langernutrition  
Facebook – Abby Langer Nutrition

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The BCC Team

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