Boot Camp Challenge® : Our Origin Story

I would love to tell you I was so brilliant and had a vision back in 1984 to create a world renowned fitness program and a company that would change lives, but that would be a lie.


The creator of Boot Camp Challenge®.

You might be wondering, how did I get here, and how do I know what I know? It started in 1984. And no, that wasn’t when I was born. It was when I entered the fitness industry. It was an exciting time!

Group exercise was just beginning, we had awesome leg warmers, and we wore amazing leotards. AND I LOVED it. But something was missing. So I did what any Midwestern girl would do. I joined the US Army.


After finishing my basic training and my advanced training, I was stationed in Germany. And while I was there, I was asked to lead my battalion in what was called back then, “aerobics”. I thought, “Sure! How hard could it be to lead 300 troops in high impact aerobics at 5 am in a huge garage?”

Well, little did I know that it would be one of the greatest challenges I would face. And I had NO idea that the challenge would come back as a blessing in 20 years. During this time, not only was I blessed with this skillset long before I needed it, but I was also blessed with my husband. I can also share with you, because of his encouragement, support, and many times, his sense of humor, I was able to stay the course and obtain my dream.


After finishing my military tour and wrapping up college, I continued on with my career in the fitness industry. I started training clients one-on-one and in groups. And, while I loved my job , I felt something was missing. The participants in the group classes were having fun and working out together. My personal training clients were seeing great results. And I thought how can I combine the fun, team atmosphere of group training with the added benefits of personal training AND make it affordable for everyone?
And then, it hit me. I would combine the team camaraderie, group motivation and cohesiveness I learned in the Army, with the assessments, nutrition, and sciences from personal training to create a program. And, I did. And, I called it Boot Camp Challenge® (BCC). Boom!.

Fast forward sixteen years. The program, BCC, is now being launched in 25 states. We have thousands of campers experiencing our program live and over a million app users from 60 countries working out with us on our Boot Camp Challenge® app

So, that is my story. And, I feel super blessed to have served my country AND the fitness industry. And, I feel even more blessed I can share Boot Camp Challenge® with you, and now serve YOU! If after touring our website and giving us a look-see on Google, and you think we may be a good fit for you, come join our fitness family. We would LOVE to have you. Hoo Aah!

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