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A Couple’s Hope, Laughter, and Heartbreak During Their Struggle through Infertility

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A Couple’s Hope, Laughter, and Heartbreak During Their Struggle through Infertility

Hey chica’s, I hope you are having a fabulous day!

On this weeks’ episode, we dive head first into the topic of infertility.

I want to start by sending so much love and thanks to my guest, Laura Michel, aka, Michel-Macher, who was so courageous and transparent as she shared her story. Thank you, Laura for being your amazing self and your sense of humor on this topic. I also want to send some love to Chris (husband) for being so open and cool with Laura sharing the part of the story that belongs to him.  

And, I want say thank you to all you listeners who have requested this topic. Because of you, we are talking openly and honestly about the challenges of infertility, the heartbreak of miscarriages, the emotional roller coaster of conception and the devastation of loss.

Over the last few years I have had the privilege of walking along side Laura through her journey as her and Chris tried to bring a baby into this world. I was so struck my Laura’s self confidence, her abundance of hope and her appreciate for her body.

And, while her body and eggs are considered “old” because she is over the age of 35, she continued to strengthen it, move it and honor it as she went from many tries of IUI and IVF over the course of the two years.

I thank you, Michel-Macher for sharing something so intimate and private.

To our listeners, some of our conversation sounds like a sit-com (carrying sperm in her bra and the thought of getting pulled over) and some of our conversation is heartbreaking – (how she and Chris had to cover up a miscarriage). But all of it is real. And, I hope it helps any of you struggling with infertility. xoxo

Here are some other topics we dive into:

- The one person who struggled more than her during this process.

- How she faked drinking to cover a miscarriage.

- Her number one piece of advice to any couple going through infertility.

- How her and Chris did Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) every month for seven months.

- Her one shot with in vitro fertilization (IVF)

- Her last and final shot at having a baby.

Thank you, always for your suggestions on topics and thank you more for listening!

Love you tons,

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The BCC Team

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