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You Complete Me

January 27, 2017
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February 17, 2017
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You Complete Me

We were on holiday break from Boot Camp Challenge® from the middle of December until the middle of January.

And, we are about to go on break again before our next launch (to get our awesomeness ready for all of you!)

And, you know what I realized?

I don’t do well without YOU.

And, it’s not just me.

I talked with ALL the other BCC Trainers around the country and we all feel the same way.

We become attached to you. We miss you. We don’t feel right without you. We are truly a fitness family.

This made me pause and ask why. Here is my answer.

YOU inspire us.
Every day you wake up before the sun (and most of the world) or, drive your tired self after a full day of work, to invest in yourselves. And, that is not easy.

You have children, spouses, significant others, careers and family. And, yet, you CHOOSE to move, sweat, laugh and cry with a group of likeminded people. Your crew. Your team. Your fitness family. On the days when we don’t feel like going for a run, riding a bike or assuming a yoga position, we think of you. And then we move. Because, you see, we want to be like you. You INSPIRE us.

YOU motivate us.
You are part of the elite crew who chooses wellness. 82% of the US population does NOT choose wellness. The rest of the world looks at us like we may be one card shy of a full deck. They ask questions like, “why do you spend money on a fitness program? Why do you spend hundreds of dollars on tennis shoes (and, let’s be honest, most aren’t even super cute!). Why do you workout?”

It is because you are motivated. You have decided your life does matter. Your health is important to you. You do want to be the example for your children. And, for me personally, this motivates me.

When a fitness organization reaches out to me to help write a manual, a college asks me to lead a course for new trainers, or a certifying body asks me to write a test, my first thought is, I don’t have time. Then, I think of you. And, I think about how you spend your time and money. And then, I change my mind. I have to train up the next generation. I have to study the new sciences in movement. I have to research nutrition. Because you care about wellness, I do too. All of us trainers do. You MOTIVATE us.

YOU give us courage.
Every time someone new joins our camp, we wonder where they found the courage. Walking into BCC is no small feat.

We ask you to meet thirty other campers. We ask you to sign a form that says you won’t sue us if you DIE. We ask you to lift your shirts and pants so we can pinch your skin. We ask you to run as fast as you can. We ask to do as many push-ups and sit-ups as possible. This takes COURAGE. And, a lot of it.

So, when it comes time to try something new, like zip lining, swimming in a lake for a race (I personally HATE swimming in lakes), or running a half marathon, we think of your courage. We have mad respect for each of you. You give us COURAGE.

YOU complete us.
We are back where we started. You all share with us how much you enjoy camp. You love our fitness family. You love BCC. Well, we feel the same about you. And, not only do we love you, we need you. Because of you, we are inspired. Because of you, we are motivated. Because of you, we have courage.



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Now get out there, and keep going for your goals one step at a time. Invest in yourself!

The BCC Team


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