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How This Twenty Year Old Did NOT Gain the Freshman 15

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May 22, 2018
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June 19, 2018
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How This Twenty Year Old Did NOT Gain the Freshman 15

Hey friends, I hope you are having a fabulous day. 

Have I told you lately that I love you? I know, you are either thinking “isn’t that a song?” (Yes, you are correct and it is by Lionel Richie), or “why is Lori saying she loves me?” 

I am saying I love you cuz I was thinking about you and just feel so blessed you spend time with me and Boot Camp Challenge® (BCC), and you have chosen us as your fitness/wellness expert. Time is our greatest commodity- we have so little- and yet you choose to spend some with me. Yep, I love you, and I am so blessed.

Now, if I still have your time for a bit longer, I want to introduce you to Avery Ivan, our newest BCC trainer. She is also a sophomore attending college at Auburn University (go War Eagles!). 

Avery shocked me from the moment I met her. She reached out to me about a position within my company when she was just 18 years old. That in itself is surprising to me. Most college bound kids are not thinking about their careers just yet let, let alone one that entails a hefty investment of time and money. She was also moving away to University, and after our interview stated she would reach back out to me the following Spring to see if I still had positions open and if she could still train with us.  I marked it on my calendar, seven months forward, and forgot.

One week before my appointment notification popped up, I  received a text from Avery.  Did I remember her?  Could she sit for the second interview? Could she attend the next training?  And, could she still come work for me? 

Again, Avery shocked me.  Not only did she follow up seven months later, she was still determined to become a BCC trainer. At this point I am thinking Avery is a rockstar. She has determination, drive, passion, and a great attitude. So, we did the second interview.

During this process, I discovered there was even more to Avery.  She actually walked the walked.  Even in college, (she did NOT gain the freshman 15), she made moving a priority, healthy food choices a must, and dove into the principles of health and wellness. And she is only TWENTY!

When you see Avery, you see a sweet, fresh, twenty year old college student.  What you get is someone who somehow adapted the principles of nutrition and movement and has a lot to teach even the older folk.

In this podcast. Avery shares her journey with us and also gives us practical tips on how to make healthy choices, how to afford healthy food on a college budget, and how to incorporate movement into your day when you have NO time.

And, while these strategies come from a 20 year old college student, it is the best advice for ALL of us!

As always, I thank you so much for listening.  And, for your feedback.  Please keep it coming! And, your ideas.  I always want to know what is important to you and what you would like to listen to on our podcast.

Take care this week, make good choices and remember, invest in yourself J

Much love, xoxo



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Now get out there, and keep going for your goals one step at a time. Invest in yourself!

The BCC Team

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