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Kristen Reimer

Kristen Reimer

Boot Camp Challenge® Licensee

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Kristen Reimer is the owner of BOCO Wellness Challenge, LLC and Boot Camp Challenge BOCO.

She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and AFAA Certified Personal Trainer with a passion for overall wellness.  She has been in and out of gyms and struggled with her weight her entire life. Kristen decided on February 5, 2013 that she would change her life for good by becoming her healthiest and happiest in her 40's.  She started doing Boot Camp Challenge and fell in love with the program so much that she decided to start her own.  Overall wellness encompasses fitness, nutrition, and emotional and mental well-being.  Kristen has finally found the balance that she has always desired.  She is excited and honored to be able to share her passion with others.

"Clear your mind of CAN'T."