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Jaron & Tara Tate

Jaron & Tara Tate

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The path that brought Jaron and Tara to Boot Camp Challenge® has been anything but typical, but the reason they chose BCC should sound familiar to us all.

The Tate’s have always believed in business ownership, and they have owned several businesses since they started their first one at the age of 20. That is until 2006 when Jaron began working as a personal trainer after losing 160 lbs on season 3 of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”. While they loved helping people in the fitness industry, they longed to get back into business for themselves, work together again, and make the kind of money they knew they could. Not to be greedy, but they wanted all these things WHILE remaining in the fitness industry... enter BCC. In 2011, Jaron and Tara jumped into BCC with both feet, deciding to make it their sole source of income. They have experienced great success marketing BCC as a turnkey wellness program to companies throughout Northern Colorado.

Invest in yourself.