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We will meet on your phone, tablet or television. You will need your camera on (so I can see you), water, a mat (unless you are on carpet), a tube or hand weights. When you register, you will receive an email with your Zoom link. Just click on the link at go time and we will get our workout on, woot!

Our Thanksgiving Day Workout Will Start in:


What's the Story, What's the Why?

Over a decade ago, I began hosting a workout on Thanksgiving morn. Nothing fancy, just a bunch of campers getting together to rock our sweat and get our minds right for the holiday ahead.

Then, it started to become something more. Campers started bringing their spouses. Couples started bringing their children. Children started bringing their friends. It literally turned into a family, holiday workout party and for many, a holiday tradition.

And, it was awesome. It was such a great way to start the day in gratitude for what our bodies could do, what our minds could overcome and what our attitudes could achieve.

And, while there is a pandemic hitting our world right now, I find it important as ever to keep moving, keep our minds strong and our attitudes rooted in gratitude.

So, this year, we will still do our Thanksgiving Day workout but we will do it virtually! Let's call it the First Ever, Inaugural , Virtual, 2020 Thanksgiving Workout. And, you know what's great? Whether you live in California (beware, that's a 5am wake-up call) or New York; Texas or Minnesota, you can join us!

So, get you signed up (it's FREE), set your alarm, grab your tennies and let's start this day off with each other. And, a new family tradition.

Love you,

Lori Patterson

US Army Veteran
Creator, Boot Camp Challenge®

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