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Growing up as a child I was always involved in some type of sport.  My favorite was softball because I liked being part of a team and working together to reach the goal – winning!  Later I began running on my middle school track team and experienced the thrill of setting my own personal goals and being able to reach or surpass them.  Throughout college I played on various intramural teams and performed on the dance team. I graduated, married, and had four children.  During that time I remained the same size but my body shape changed.  I wasn’t working out or even in shape. It wasn’t until I hit 30 that I realized I missed feeling strong, energized and toned so I began running and working out in my home.  As they say, from there it was history.   In the last 12 years I have set many personal goals with training and competing.  For me, I love to put in the time to train but the thrill comes when I cross the finish line.  I decided that focusing on me was fine but my passion was to help other people set and reach their goals.  I began teaching classes at the gym and then became a personal trainer so that I could have that “one on one” type training relationship. There’s no greater feeling than watching my clients become stronger, leaner,  and more confident in themselves.  I then realized I was still not being able to meet the client’s needs nutritionally so I began searching for a program that would help people learn how to eat correctly, lose body fat and weight.  Transitions was the program I had been looking for so I partnered with them and now I have the privilege to watch people work hard to make lifestyle changes while losing unwanted pounds and fat. 

The knowledge I've gained by teaching group fit classes and training clients is that it's more fun and motivating when working out with other people.  Most everyone has the same desires.  They want  to become healthier, lose weight and gain lean muscle.  I decided to combine my love of training with the friendly competition and encouragement of training with others by launching Boot Camp Challenge in Tyrone, GA.  Friends, fitness, challenging workouts, calories burned, weight lost, body fat decreasing and nutritional accountability is just a few of the reasons why Boot Camp Challenge is an amazing and fun way to reach your goals.

Throughout the years my training philosophy has never changed – Set a goal and then train and obtain that goal. 

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