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Hi, I'm Melanie! I would love to help you on your path to better health! I currently specialize in teaching Boot Camp Challenge and training clients one on one.
My path in fitness evolved from being a collegiate athlete to opening a gym to now being independent, and loving it. My niche is to go to clients homes and take Boot Camp Challenge into small businesses for their wellness program.
Throughout this journey, I have held multiple certifications, taught group fitness classes and became the first facility licensed in Boot Camp Challenge in 2005. In all of these experiences, I am most passionate about Boot Camp Challenge because of the team work, encouragement and accountability provided. In addition, Lori has grown her business with ultimate positivity, realism and integrity and I am very proud to be a part of it!
It is a huge deal to take the first step that you are doing right now. You can succeed in this environment and make changes to have a healthier life! 
Boot Camp Challenge(R),
Invest in yourself !
Hoo-Aah !