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Kathleen Stachovic

Kathleen Stack

Boot Camp Challenge® Trainer

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Kathleen is a wife, mother of a son and daughter, and has a granddaughter! She loves the "F" word~ Faith, Family & Fitness~ her main priorities in life!

She has always enjoyed fitness, like many others, raising a family got her sidetracked on her own health goals. In 2014, with her two adult children grown, she decided to make time for herself and get her health back on track, to allow her to be the best version of herself. She began a fitness program, eating healthy, and shortly she was redefining "Grandma." One year later, she was certified and teaching group fitness programs, CRT and Piloxing. In June 2016, she competed in her first Fitness Competition, became an ACE certified personal trainer in January 2017 and in May 2017, a certified Heath Coach thru Dr Sears Wellness Institute. Her main goal is to help others have a long Healthspan, by creating the best version of themselves and to feel beautiful in their own skin to live life to its fullest!

“Volo et Valeo”. (Latin meaning- I want it and I can do it!)