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Heather Swinigan

Heather Swinigan

Boot Camp Challenge® Trainer

(401) 584-BCC1 (2221)


Heather Swinigan is a Boot Camp Challenge® trainer in St. Charles County, MO.  Heather received her Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from Greenville College, and now holds a personal training certification from AFAA. Heather is also a certified kickboxing and Turbo Kick instructor.

She holds a strong desire to help others as they strive to be stronger and healthier.  Heather enjoys encouraging campers as they lose weight, eat better and improve their overall health. When Heather is not teaching BCC, she is busy homeschooling her 3 daughters and caring for her youngest son. She also enjoys running 1/2 marathons and challenging her own fitness level.

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" -Dr. Suess