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5 Holiday Eating Strategies to NOT Gain Weight Over the Holidays

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5 Holiday Eating Strategies to NOT Gain Weight Over the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I want to wish you a most wonderful holiday.

And, I want to share with you how thankful I am for you.

Seriously, I woke up at 3:54am (before my alarm) because I was so excited to work you out, talk to you on this podcast, share pics with you on Insta and tweet with you on Twitter. No joke, YOU are my jam. I truly LOVE sharing fitness and wellness with you!

And, I have more info to share with you.

A lot of YOU ask me this time of year how to enjoy the holidays without wrecking your diet. And, it is a great question.

In actuality, peeps gain one to two pounds each holiday season. That alone is not crazy bad. However, most of you never lose it. So the pounds start to grow. Into double digits. And, that my friends, is bad.

So, in this podcast, I share with you how to avoid gaining weight during the holidays by:

- Eating ALL day on Thanksgiving Day.
- Having your pie and eating it too.
- Sharing your thoughts to make your belly feel full.
- Drinking a bottle of wine (just kidding but I do talk about wine).

Now, go grab a coffee or wine and push play. Then, you can join me for this holiday episode of our BCC podcast.

And, like I said in the beginning of this email, I feel honored you are listening. I appreciate your time. I totally understand how important it is and I will always try my best to provide you with the greatest information and content on the planet.

And, I am thankful for you. Beyond blessed to have you in our BCC fitfam. Much love, xoxo


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Now get out there, and keep going for your goals one step at a time. Invest in yourself!

The BCC Team


  1. Kristi Cleary says:

    Ok so I’m a few days late listening to your podcast. Love it!!!!you are so motivating, I look forward to more. Hi Lori, my name is Kristi I’m a club manager @ Anytime fitness in Sault Ste. Marie Mich.
    I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years Group fitness instructor/ owned a Curves Franchise & my own Fitness Studio for a few years. Health & wellness is my passion.
    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday along with Christmas Great Family & friend time. I truly are so thankful for the people in my life they give my life meaning 🙂

  2. Lori says:

    Thank you SO much for listening! I know your time is so valuable, and I SO appreciate the time you take to listen. And I love that you find it valuable! I feel the same way about my family and friend time. Thank you for sharing!

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