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Boot Camp Challenge!

Boot Camp Challenge is a group, personal training program led by qualified and passionate fitness professionals. We are here to help you reach your fitness goals whether you are looking to change your life or change up your current fitness routine.

With a 100% success rate, you can be sure you'll get results.

What makes us different?

Our program consists of assessments on your first and last day that include body fat composition analysis, measurements, and fitness testing so you can see your results! Plus no weigh-ins!


We will have on-going nutritional guidance and food journaling.

You will do everything from playing games to cardio conditioning and strength training exercises.

You will never repeat the same workout. Each class is different and geared towards YOU.

Boot Camp Challenge is geared towards ALL fitness levels.  


Our trainers will be with you the entire 6 weeks and are always available outside of class. We are 100% invested in you and your progress and are there to help you decrease body fat & inches, increase strength & endurance, and more importantly improve your quality of life. So now it's time to INVEST IN YOURSELF!


Boot Camp Challenge(R) and Break Through Challenge,
Invest in yourself, Invest in your wellbeing !
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