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And He Wasn’t Supposed to Live

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February 9, 2017
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February 23, 2017
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And He Wasn’t Supposed to Live

I want to introduce you to Jim.

Two months ago, Jim had a heart attack while taking my spin class. I asked Jim today if I could share his story and he said, “Yes”. Thank you, Jim, for being brave and sharing with us.

Here is his story.

On December 6th, Jim was in his usually spot, getting ready for spin class.

Most of the time before class, all my spin peeps have fun conversation. They are loud, they laugh, they talk A LOT; then I turn the lights off and we go. Today, Jim seemed a bit quieter, but I thought it was my imagination.

We finished the ride and said our goodbyes.

I had no idea in 48 hours, Jim would be in surgery.

And neither did Jim.

During our ride, Jim felt a sharp pain in his heart. He said it took him by surprise but he wasn’t so concerned. He had just been to the doctor six months ago and had received a clean bill of health.

So, after spin class, Jim completed his regular routine. He went into the “hot box” (that is what they call the sauna), the Jacuzzi to get his stretch on, then a shower, then home.

Sometime in the late afternoon, he didn’t feel so good. He thought he felt the pain again but wasn’t sure. It definitely wasn’t as sharp as the one during spin class. He popped three baby aspirin and felt fine the rest of the day.

At two in the morning, another sharp pain woke him up. This time, Jim knew something wasn’t right. He woke up Margie (his wife) and headed to the hospital.

This is Jim’s PSA (public service announcement!)- Always know which hospitals in your area are best for heart issues. The first one he went to was NOT! They had to put him in an ambulance and take him to a hospital more skilled in the area.

At the hospital, it was revealed he had 96% blockage in his heart. The surgeons scheduled surgery for the next morning. That day was December 8th. And, on this day, Jim received a double bypass.

The surgeons said they could NOT believe what great shape Jim was in physically.

They went on to say most people do not survive this. They said that by stressing his heart during a workout, the heart responded back with a warning sign. If he had not stressed his heart, there would have been no warning signs and the outcome completely different. He would have had a massive heart attack and died.

They said having that heart pain on that spin bike saved his life.

Fast forward two months. Yes, I said, two months.

Thursday, February 16th. Today. Jim is back in class. Same bike, same smile, same gregarious personality. And, NO cardiac rehab. The doctors said his heart was so strong and so healthy he didn’t need rehab. Just get back into spin class.

After our ride today, I asked him how he felt. He said he felt FABULOUS. He also hugged me and said Victoria and I saved his life.

But the truth is, Jim, YOU saved your life. You chose to get up and get to class every day. You chose to push yourself on days when you really didn’t want to ride. You chose to walk into a cycle room, watch the lights go out; the door shut and NOT run out. You chose to invest in yourself. And, on this day, your investment just paid off.

Thanks for sharing, Jim!

We love you!

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Now get out there, and keep going for your goals one step at a time. Invest in yourself!

The BCC Team


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